Easter fun!

Hi everyone! Hope you are looking forward to easter, here are some of my top DIY ideas to celebrate the easter time.

Make some rice crispie cakes! The children will LOVE this! After all making gorgeous memories is what easter is all about.


Create some gorgeous flower vases on your table, these will cheer everyone up! Splashes of colour all over your home, with jars, sparkly eggs and pretty napkins.


Create an easter hunt! This is a lovely one available for free at  https://happyhomefairy.com/christ-centered-easter-morning-scavenger-hunt-preschoolers-free-printable/


Make easter bonnets, this is so fun! I find a glue gun keeps the bunnies stuck where they should be instead of falling off. IMG_7415

Create some easter pom pom characters, so fun and something your little ones can keep forever.


Paint some eggs! This is so fun for the little ones and the grown ups too! 🙂


Make a display using things in your local park or garden. The hunting for things is as much fun as the making too.


Make a thankful tree – This year me friend said she was making one and it inspired me, we had great fun cutting out and mixing paints and thinking of things to be grateful for, give it a try. It will also give you quality time with your children over the easter time.


Happy easter everyone! God bless x

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