Summer holiday ideas DIY!


This week I have been thinking about the upcoming six weeks holidays. Quality time I get to spend with my girls, no school yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I want it to be lovely.  I have learnt over the years than preparation is my friend, so that we have everything we need to have that lovely quality time.

The first thing I did was sit down and create idea after idea with the children of things we could make and do and places we could go. I searched out some new crafts and creations too, then I organised them into four categories:

Days Out

Craft and Make

Sunny day ideas

Rainy day ideas

I typed each idea out and put them into the four sections like a pick and mix 🙂 so now all I have to do is get prepping everything I need, and we are ready to go!!! 🙂


This craft wasn’t perfectly made but it is ours and its only function is FUN and I LOVE that!

Have you got any special things you do as a family would love to hear?!

Enjoy your summer!!!

Happy Crafting

Janine x


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