Why its more than a paint pot..


Do you find a freshly opened paint pot as yummy as I do? Especially when its this lush pinky colour! Last week I set aside an hour to do some painting, upcycling some little jewellery boxes for me and my girls it was so fun!!

It is actually more than painting for me, it is self care.  Life can be so busy and sometimes we unfortunately put ourselves last.

We take care of everything going on in our life and little us and the things we enjoy can just.. well wait quite frankly.

I’m challenging you today not to wait! We cannot look after others if we neglect ourselves. We cannot be our brightest happiest self if we don’t do anything that we enjoy or that makes our heart sing.

What does self care look like for you? I have found that it is so different for every person. It could be running, drinking enough water, early nights, a bubble bath and a good book, painting, sewing, singing, manicures, pedicures, making sure you have time to wash your hair and put make up on, shopping, writing, creating, gardening, swimming. The list could go on and on.

If I can challenge you one thing it is this, make a list and find time to do something on it. Even if its just 15 minutes a day, you will feel so much better. Your family will be glad you did and your friends because they will see a much happier you!

You should NOT be left at the bottom of the pile, and so today when you pick up a paintbrush, pencil, book, water, gardening gloves, bubble bath, let the false guilt subside and jump right in.


A lovely walk taking photos this was a moment I needed.


Walks up the beach barefoot.


Enjoying the view..


Playing with flowers, so lovely.

What makes your heart sing? Whatever it is do it!

with love J x

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