12 acts of Christmas – kindness ideas!

Hi everyone, hope you are well and enjoying the exciting run up to Christmas. I was thinking about kindness this morning, Christmas kindness to be exact!


What if this year 2019 we go on a mission to spread Christmas kindness all over the place?

Here are some ideas for our festive season mission, have you got any? Would love to hear your kindness stories…

  1. Buy gifts and cards, wrap them up and deliver them to the homeless in your city or community.
  2. Join in one of the collections, the entertainer toy shop do one where you can buy a gift and hand it in at the till or you can donate online and it will go to a child who needs it this Christmas.
  3. Write thank you cards and/or gifts to your local library, doctors, dentists, hairdressers and tell them why they have blessed you this year.
  4. Buy someone a gift who isn’t expecting one from you, I’m sure it will bring a big smile to their face 🙂
  5. Leave handwritten ‘Merry Christmas’ signs around places you visit, maybe even slipped inside a book you have read and would love to pass on.
  6. Have a clear out and get a bag together for the local charity shop.
  7. Support a handmade business this Christmas rather than just big stores. It will make someone really happy, some handmade businesses do charity collaborations too. The hashtag teddyslegacy have some lovely ones supporting Tommys the baby charity.
  8. Make someone a handmade gift.
  9. Do some jobs around the house to make it lovely for the family this Christmas, to give someone that well earned rest and lovely surroundings to relax in.
  10. Volunteer somewhere in your city that are doing something special for Christmas, giving up some of your time this year. 
  11. Let someone go in front of you in the queue in the supermarket.
  12. Spend quality time with someone. In the busy world we live in it can be rare to have quality time, it means so much and it will make you and someone else VERY happy.

Have fun!!!!

Merry Christmas!



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