DIY kids prayer boxes

Hi all, this week we have been making prayer boxes. The idea is that you get a box and fill it with all the people your children love and would like to pray for. My two children did different ideas. One did a box where we close our eyes and point to a name and the other did slips of paper that we pick out. Both brilliant ideas.

This was so much fun and will encourage your children to pray for others, a great way to introduce them to praying for others.

Step 1 – Start off with some boxes, we chose love heart boxes, pens, card and foam hearts or foam pieces but you could use anything you like.


Step 2. Write out all the names of people or special places on the card, foam or whatever you are using and stick them on or put them inside.


Step 3. Decorate your box with all the materials you have and make it your own.


We then picked out five names each night and prayed for them. Hope you get time to create one, they are so much fun and will be a blessing. Would love to see yours

Happy crafting love J x

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