24 Free Christmas Kindness Ideas!

Merry Christmas!!!!! Here are 24 free Christmas kindness ideas for you to print out, pop in pretty envelopes and use this advent! After all 2020 has brought I think we could all do with a little bit of kindness. Teaching our children about kindness will stay with them forever. Hope you have fun as a family doing these kind acts together! God bless you! (if you go the bottom of this page and click download it will take you to the printable sheets)

1. MAKE AND CREATE – Make someone a lovely card, letter or picture today to say Merry Christmas and make them smile! 

2. SWEETNESS AND JOY – Make some sweet treats today, maybe jars of sweets or bake a batch of cakes and share them with somebody you love. 

3. THANK YOU!– Has a place blessed you? Maybe its your local library, a club you have been attending, a teacher, a bus driver, your church, a shop worker or the postman. Could you write them a thank you note telling them how they have made you smile in lockdown or ask your grown up to help you write an email? I’m sure they will really treasure it.

4. CLEAN AND SHINE – Today could you clean up a little part of your house? Maybe you could tidy up your toys or your bedroom, or help your grown up with the dinner or set the table. This will really bless the whole family and will bring a smile to someone.

5. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE – People love to see a happy smiling face, maybe you could smile today at the people you meet or to those you live with. It will make people feel so much joy!

6. PRAYER Saying prayers is a wonderful way to bless others. God loves to hear your prayers. Could you say a prayer for someone today? Maybe someone you know who could do with more of Gods help, or another idea if you have any maps in your home is that you could pray for a whole country or lots of countries. You could even draw those people or places you are praying for.

7. VIDEO OF JOY – Today could you record a video for someone with your grown up? Maybe you could dance, sing, talk or show them what you have been doing in the run up to Christmas? Seeing your face and hearing your voice will cheer people up! 

8. SHARING IS CARING – Is there someone in your home who you could share with today? Sharing is such a kind thing to do and will make someone feel very special and happy. 

9. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE – Today does anyone in your home have anything they don’t use anymore: books, clothes, toys, house hold items? Maybe you and your grown up could prepare a little bag for the charity shop to hand in. 

10. PLEASANT WORDS – Have you ever had a compliment? Someone might have told you that you look lovely, that you have a great smile or that you do something really well. It is a great feeling isn’t it to receive a compliment. Could you give out some compliments today? You could say them or write them out. It will really encourage people and they will treasure your kind words. 

11. THANK YOU JESUS – Today take a sheet of paper, write in the middle ‘Things I’m thanking God for!’ Then think of as many things as you can, maybe throughout the day when something happens you feel thankful for write it down. It might be things like a yummy tea, a warm bed, a garden, a hug, having good friends. Anything you like. God will see it and loves to hear your gratitude. 

12. BLESSING FOR THE EYES – When people walk past your house and there is something lovely outside your house it makes people smile. Could you make the outside of your house look lovely? Maybe you could make a Christmas picture or a picture thanking our NHS and put it in the window, plant flowers or a hanging basket, put up twinkle lights, a wreath or Christmas garden decorations. You will be blessing others without even knowing it. 

13. BLESSING FOR THE EYES PART 2– Has someone on your street decorated outside their house? Does it give you joy? Could you send a little note saying thank you and telling them the joy they are bringing to you and the street? 

14. DECK THE HALLS – Christmas decorations are so pretty aren’t they? Could you make someone a decoration today? It could be for their tree, their living room or their bedroom. They will treasure it, handmade is always loved. 

15. FEED THE BIRDS – Could you look after the wildlife in your garden today? Could you put treats out for the birds maybe? This will make the birds very happy. You might even hear them singing a merry tune in your garden. 

16. PACKAGE CHALLENGE – People have found it hard this year not seeing many people. Could you make up a package for someone? You could fill it with anything you like, handmade things, little fun Christmas kits to make, a DVD, flowers or  some yummy treats! You could send it in the post or drop it at their house. These things mean so much and what could be better today than someone receiving a package from you! 

17. IT IS WRITTEN – Do you know any bible verses or any songs with bible verses in? Bible verses really help people as they are full of truth from God. That truth helps us live right and learn about him and his ways. Could you send a bible verse to someone today or the song you really like that has a bible verse in it? It will not be forgotten and will really really bless someone today, it might be just what they need to hear! 

18. I LOVE YOU – The words ‘I love you’ are so wonderful. It’s precious to hear someone say I love you. Could you tell some people you love them today and maybe you could tell God too? He loves you so much that is why he sent Jesus to die for us and be our Saviour. You could say it to God or the person, write a love letter or send a message or video. It will bless someones whole day.

19. STORIES ARE WONDERFUL– Do you have a favourite story? Stories are lovely aren’t they! Today could you make a storybook for someone, you could create your own story or rewrite a favourite book or a bible story. Another lovely idea is to read a book today to someone in your home. What a treat these things could be! 

20. THANK YOU – People love to hear the words thank you. Could you say thank you to your grown ups or the people you live with today when they do something nice for you? It will make them feel VERY appreciated and it is a very good thing to do. 

21. LISTENING IS LOVE – A nice thing for us to do this day is good listening. People feel very loved when they are listened to. Maybe you could ask someone in your home about their day and practice some good listening today. Another person you can listen to is God. He always has something to say and loves it when we listen to him. He might remind you of a bible story or a song. What he says is always good, so listen to God and others today. 

22. BIN WORKERS – We are so blessed to have people who take away or rubbish aren’t we, maybe this Christmas when you put your bin out you could make a thank you note or a pretty picture and put it on top of your bin so they feel so appreciated this Christmas! 

23. VIRTUAL PLAY – Do you have any friends who wold appreciate a play date over FaceTime or zoom, maybe you could think of a game you could play together or something festive you could make together at the same time. Make a date and invite them to a virtual playdate today. This will be such a blessing to you both. God loves it when we spend time together. 

24. WINTER WALKS – Everybody loves a winter walk, maybe you could go on a winter walk today as a family. You could even invite someone who you haven’t seen for a while. You could see what you could spot together on your walk and take photos, wear festive hats, warm Christmas jumpers and take yummy treats to eat! A simple walk with people you love often brings the most joy! 

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