Scrap Fabric bunting

Hi everyone!!!!!! This bank holiday I had great fun making some scrap fabric bunting.

Its lovely we can have friends in the garden finally, and so why not make something you can hang up and make everything look extra pretty for those get togethers!

Things you will need:

  • String,
  • Scrap fabrics, (or you could use old clothes, curtains, bedding)
  • Pinking shears (optional)

and thats it!!!

Step 1 – cut up lots of strips of your different fabrics, I cut mine 18inches long and about an inch wide, I used pinking shears to give them a nice edge, but you can do it straight and it would look just as lovely.

Step 2 – Take your string and spread it out, leave a section at the top for hanging up your bunting.

Step 3 – Take 3 strips of fabric and tie them onto your string, keep the bunches spaced as equally as you can, and thats it, really really simple bunting that doesn’t have to cost anything and will make your garden super pretty.

Happy Crafting guys

Love J x

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