Floral wreath making with Sew Yeah

Hi everyone!

As you may know I’ve been doing Friday night sew along nights with Christine from Sewyeah! This project was making a floral wreath with stiffened fabric, it was so much fun!

I used old scraps of fabric and some old clothes that had fabric on them I love, and I stiffened it with PVA glue and then made each individual flower.

It was so fun!

It took me a bit of time as I created it over the summer and it was a busy time so I just made a few flowers at a time, I took my time, (keeping on thinking – Its a marathon not a sprint), most lovely things we make take time to create and so I tried to resist the urge to rush!

Each flower is so sweet and lovely and unique. I’m working on a second one for upstair, it is such a good project to use up all your scraps or maybe some clothes that have ripped, damaged or don’t fit anymore.

Hope your having fun creating! The templates are still available on the Sewyeah website if you fancy making one

Keep crafting

Love J x

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