Kids craft snowy Christmas tree scene

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely day today! It’s school holidays here and so we have been crafting, my girls are age 4 and 8 and as you can see we made a snowy Christmas scene from things we had in the house and had collected!

Step one – we used old pine cones we collected and decorated them together with pom poms, glitter and white paint and left them to dry.

Step two – We got an old box and cut it up to make a base and covered it in old Christmas paper.

Step three – We then used some white stuffing as snow and glued that to the base of the box.

Step four – We glued our pine cones down to make a lovely festive scene and added little people and a few pompoms the children made!

The children loved doing this and its a great way to use up old festive things and the pine cones they collected last year.

Would love this to inspire you to get creating, whatever it is you love!

Happy crafting!

Love J x

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