Upcycling a dolls house!

Hi everyone, how’s your December going? My project this week has been to paint my little girls dolls house. We have had it a while, but just not had time to do it, but decided now is a great time to do it!

After –

Before –

We did one coat of wood primer, then one coat of dulux paint in the colour pretty pink. I then used Annie Sloan pure white chalk paint for the windows.

We then used floral paper as wallpaper, the paper was from my local B&M and was only £2.99 for a big book, and pink felt for the carpets!

It was great fun to do, might not be 100% perfect but I really enjoyed it, and thats the important thing isn’t it! We have to try and not let too much perfectionism creep in when crafting, keep the pure joy in your creations folks!

Happy crafting

Love J x


    1. Hi the wooden house we used was one we got from ‘toys r us’ before it closed down. Hope you have fun refurbishing your house!


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