Easter Hare

Hi everyone!!!!!

Hope you are having a joyful March!! The sun is peeking out again and the flowers are making an appearance, so glad about that!

Our project in our sewing club this month was a felt easter hare, it was really fun to make! Heres some pictures, such good ideas and lovely use of colours and shapes.

Her name is Hoppy, she has been to an easter party, where there may have been hula dancing and an egg hunt and where she did very well and found lots of eggs!

If you fancy making a hare you can join in doing our project here – https://www.sewyeahsocialclub.com/product-page/huxley-the-march-hare-download if not, why not make your own easter character of your own design and bring some joy and light to someones day, making a character that unless you make it won’t exist!

Praying you have a very happy hoppy easter! 🙂

Happy crafting, love J x

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