Easter Fun!

Hi everyone!!!!

How is your March going? Isn’t the sunshine glorious!! It makes everything feel better!

This week I have started getting the house ready for easter!

I went on a walk to our local park and picked up these branches. I thought they would be perfect for an easter tree, so spray painted them Gold and voila, they looked a lot more sparkly! Then added some easter decorations, planning to make more decorations!

I needed some daffodils to go next to the easter tree, so we made some. For the background shape I used a template which you can use too, its free here – https://mrprintables.com/spring-crafts-for-kids-daffodils.html then I painted egg boxes to make the lovely yellow colour, they look fabulous next to the easter tree. If you have some spare time this weekend would highly recommend!

I hope you have fun this weekend whatever you’re up to.

Crafting is a wonderful way to spend it, remember whatever you create, its all about the joy it brings you, not perfection! If it makes you smile thats all that matters!

Take care and happy crafting!

Love J x

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