Embroidery fun!

Hi all how are you all doing? Hope your enjoying this glorious sunshine!

This week I decided to make some time to embroider with no pattern in mind, me just going as I wanted to and it was so therapeutic!

Having no instructions and just going as I felt, turned out to be a very peaceful feeling!

I tried to use different things too on my hoop so rather than just embroidery floss as an experiment.

I used:


Posca pens for the leaves and inside the heart


Washi Tape

I also used a candy can stitch on the stems and French knots for grass which turned out to be a fun experiment!

I also rushed in to the garden and collected some flowers just to inspire and keep me company which was lovely!

Our creativity isn’t meant to be neat, tidy and perfect but its meant to bring JOY!

I fully embraced that this week and Loved it!

Hope you can make space to be creative this week just for your own enjoyment!

When we are trying then we are growing! Amen to that!

Happy crafting

Love J x

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