Wreath making!

This year I made my own wreath, it can be so expensive to buy fancy ones, or do a workshop so this year because of rising costs I did my own.

I got my materials from:

  • tree cuttings (from a garden centre, where you are free to tree cuttings and donate to charity)
  • cuttings of greenery from my garden
  • Wreath base £1 from the garden centre
  • Pine cones I collected on a walk and painted
  • Oranges that I dried out in the oven
  • Glittery leaves that were in the sale at Wilkinsons
  • cinnamon sticks
  • Moss from the garden

Here it is!!!

It was so much cheaper and the house smelt gorgeous!

This year we are all cutting back on spending, making your own wreath is a great way to save some money if needed, you could:

  • use greenery out of your garden or go foraging to find pretty leaves etc..
  • use things you have in the house – oranges, limes, lemons, dried apples, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, flowers, left over ribbon, old baubles or decorations.
  • use a cardboard base, or a base from places like Poundland, or take an old wreath apart and re-use the base, I will reuse the base I have used here.
  • use all different things from nature that inspire you, collect things on your walk that would look festive and lovely.

Its all about the joy it brings you, nothing else, make your own joyful wreath today!

Hope you are having a lovely run up to Christmas!

Only 4 sleeps to go!

Happy crafting

Love J x

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