SewYeah Embroidery project and Easter memories!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely March!

I’m enjoying the daffodils and flowers appearing, and the promise of spring on the horizon….

I’ve been enjoying doing a project from SewYeah social club, making this church and house. I still have two houses to make, so will keep you posted on them!

It was a winter project originally hence the Christmas tree! I had so much fun making it. I learnt lots of new things making these little houses and the tiny details.

Heres the link to the downloads I got – and the 2 coloured felts from

I am hoping to make some easter projects in the next month!

Also my handmade wreath I made a few years ago has lasted so well and looks fab on the door every year!

My easter baskets are still going strong too, and hold all my candles and bunting! Not bad for 50p baskets!

And of course I have big plans for fresh flowers….

Whatever you are making, hope you enjoy it!

Remember its about making things you love not perfection, otherwise we would never start!

Happy crafting

Love J x

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