Decorate £1 stockings

Hi all,

how is your December going? Hope you are well and keeping warm!

I’ve been using my Cricut machine to make some stockings! Its a whole new experience using the Cricut, having lots of fun!

These stockings were £1, I also got some vinyl from Hobbycraft and created my letters and snowflakes from the designs in design space.

I have wanted personalised stockings for a while but they were out of our budget so this is what I decided to do instead.

I also made some Pom Poms with some wool from Poundland. I liked it as it had a little glitter running through it.

Its a great fun activity to do and you don’t have to have a Cricut, you can use iron on vinyl with your own shapes and designs or make a pom pom stocking instead, decorate it any way you like.

Above all it matters most that you have fun! Thats what crafting is about, refusing the pressure to make things perfect, and instead making something that brings YOU joy!

Happy December everyone!

Love J x