Wreath Making

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well, sending you much love in these difficult times. If you fancy a DIY how about making a wreath? I’ve made a few over the past year and wanted to share them with you, would love to see you creations too if you do make one, spring is the perfect time of you ask me.

  1. Here is my first wreath I made this from a kit I got from AimeeA flowers, the house smelt gorgeous, it was snowing, the festive music was on, such a lovely day!

2. This is my easter wreath I made this from leftover ribbon and easter decorations I lockdown and made a little bunny for the front, something to cheer the postman and delivery drivers up!

3. This wreath I made as part of a display for our window for the NHS. My girls made a coloured in banner with me too.

4. This wreath I made also in lockdown from card, it was so therapeutic, my girls wanted to make one too. I got the ideas and templates from Becki Clarks website, she makes the most beautiful things, a lot of her projects are on the Hobbycraft ideas hub too 🙂 go check them out.

5. This was a simple rattan wrath with some pretty flowers popped in and a hessian bow I made last spring so simple and yet made us smile here at home.

6. Here is a lovely baby girl style wreath, with baby pinks and white.

7. This one was so fin to make and a great way to use up leftover pretty scraps of fabric.

I hope these wreaths have inspired you to make your own. it really does make a difference especially in these times when we are at home a lot. It might even make your neighbours smile as they pass.

Happy crafting everyone!

love J x

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