Big Paper snowflakes!!!

Yesterday I decided our hallway needed big paper snowflakes! I got some lovely paper by designer Jessica Hogarth! Oh such beautiful paper and designs!

It is big paper so I cut it to 8 inches by 8 inches, then I made 6 identical sections of the snowflake and made it into one big one! They look lovely hanging in the hallway brightening up the dark days! I made a hole at the top and used a little twine to hang them.

Super simple and super fun! There are loads of videos on you tube with full instructions on how to make these, definitely recommend giving it a go!

A couple of tips – try to choose paper with a design on both sides, not all mine have, but it is definitely more effective and I found the thicker the paper is, the better it is too especially if you want them to last a few years.

Happy crafting

Love J x

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