Upcycled £2.50 Ikea Clock

Hi everyone!

Happy new year! Hope your having a fab January!

Today I’ve been adding some colour to an Ikea clock that was only £2.50!

Here is the clock when I bought it before adding anyhting –

I saw a really good idea online by Chloe who runs Cotton Clara online where she used wool and sewed through the numbers to give it a pop pf colour!

Today I went through my wool and used a plastic needle big enough to thread my wool and decided on bright pink, a pale pinky peach and a bright yellow.

It didn’t take long to make and looks lovely! Its a great gift idea too, you could make peoples favourite colours or maybe even a festive clock!

The bright colours have got me feeling like spring is coming and I love spring!

This was a really fun project to do! Thanks Chloe for the idea.

It is definitely worth looking in places like Ikea for products that are a blank canvas just waiting for you to give it a splash of colour!

Hope you’re getting inspired this new year and having fun creating and trying new things that bring you joy.

Happy crafting

Love J x

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